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This page contains presentations and other extras. Someone might find these useful.

Supplemental Paper Content

  • Convex Sensing-Reporting Optimization for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing – I presented a conference paper with this title at IEEE PIMRC 2011. Reference [9] in that paper is an extended technical report posted at http://ece.ubc.ca/~adamn/resource.html, which now re-directs here. This link is now to the journal version published in May 2012. That version is the most up to date.

Blog (Rambling Academic)

  • I host on blog on ramblingacademic.com. I use it to discuss some of the practical day-to-day aspects of research. These include topics such as writing, publishing, and using common software tools. Most articles involve MATLAB. Rambling Academic is written for a general research audience. Check it out if you’re interested.


  • 2017-01 Memorial University Presentation – “Using Molecular Communication to Understand and Improve Chemical Signaling” – a presentation that I gave at Memorial University (St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador) in January 2017. Content is a summary of my previous and planned research in molecular communication.
  • 2016-07 University of Toronto Presentation – “Finding Common Ground: Channel Analysis and Receiver Models for Diffusive Molecular Communication” – a presentation that I gave at the University of Toronto in July 2016. Content is primarily a summary of my previous and on-going research in molecular communication.
  • 2013 Introduction to Molecular Communication – an introduction to nanonetworking and diffusive molecular communication. This was presented twice in 2013 as a guest lecture to the MIMO course at the Institute for Digital Communications (IDC).
  • MATLAB workshops. I have presented a few introductory workshops on MATLAB. Here are slides and sample code:
    • 2012-09-20, for the UBC ECEGSA and IEEE Student Branch. Slides, code
    • 2012-03-07, for the UBC IEEE Student Branch. Slides, code
    • 2012-01-31, as a guest lecture for UBC EECE 369. Slides, code
    • 2010-10-22, for the UBC IEEE Student Branch. Slides, code